Our Philosophy

Art is not indifferent to society fluctuations. It works with everyday issues, worries, joys and fears; and from there we look for refuge, to relax, enjoy and fundamentally create.

We have a clear premise: to recreate a space of pleasure where we can surprise ourselves and have fun every day delving into history, with that almost melancholic passion characteristic of those who communicate in dynamic art language.

We put a lot of effort into achieve our goals, working with our team from home, encouraging us to dream, fighting setbacks and fears; with the commitment to share it with our customers and friends, that even without knowing it, are part of Pur Sang´s spirit.

Today, historic cars are more alive than ever; from here, we invite you to enjoy them.

Between art and technology

More than 35 years ago, our atelier opened its doors with the objective of manufacturing products that would become real collector's items. We always knew that its design and construction required both, the precision of technique, and the noble perspective of art. Throughout our career, we have achieved excellent results. We are aware that, our clients value our dedicated work; because they know that Pur Sang´s team understands and interprets their wishes and expectations. Great collectors of the world have a Grand Prix made in our Atelier in Paraná; for those who give life to each of these cars, there is no greater reward than that. These achievements are an incentive to continue working with creativity as a flag. In this site, you will find a tour on Villa Lola and a gallery of products that are a gift for the senses. Those who can’t hold back their desire for knowing them personally may travel to Paraná- Entre Ríos to witness and live the process of creating these special vehicles, our shared passion.

Our Team

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